10mila-träning Torslund (2015-03-27)
Kategori: Träning
Karta/område: Torslund
Land: Sweden
Sträcka: 8.76 km
Tid: 78:06
Grey, rainy day so it wasn't really a pleasure to go out there but it was ok in the forest. Pretty nice terrain mostly but marshes were more like lakes and all the rocks and stones were quite slippy to run on. Wet lichen/moss just came off every time you stepped on it. Terrain will be much faster when dry. Map was once again quite simplified version of the terrain but it went alright nevertheless. Main problem was my calf which is a real pain in the ass at the moment. Don't know what has happened but it's really painful and not working. It was ok yesterday.
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10mila-träning Torslund  (2015-03-27)