SEEOC 2014 Long distance (2014-08-28)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Vrdnik
Arrangör: OAK Novi Sad
Land: Serbia
Distans: Long
SEEOC Long distance...
As I'm not really into long distance this year, plan was to start and see how it will go and then decide to continue or give up. Started nice on first 4 controls, easy pace, but clear finding controls.
Big mistakes on #5 and #6 (around 10' overall). Don't know what happened on 5th, something between blackout and bad map in that part (missed in same area on relay). On 6th map was wrong. Valleys on the right and left sides before control were much deeper than on the map and there was big path before control that confused me.
After that 2 big mistakes, still decided to continue the race and did OK until the end. It was very tough in 2nd part of the race with lots of walking uphill.
Without that 10min lost, I could fight for podium, but still satisfied that I didn't gave up.
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SEEOC 2014 Long distance (2014-08-28)