Kvarner Bay Challenge - Stage 2 (2014-02-23)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Tramuntana
Arrangör: OK Torpedo, LAG Volim Beli
Land: Croatia
Distans: Long
Sträcka: 10.1 km
Tid: 70:20
Today I've started much better, being 3rd on control no.7, with some seconds to first. Missed 8th a bit, because of not reading map near control circle. On 9th I did stupid decision. When I saw big hole, my only thoughts were left or right, not even thinking about going fast straight down what was best option. With this 2 mistakes in my head, I did another one on no.10.
I think route choice to 12 was good decision, but after climbing hill and running a bit on flat part I wasn't quite sure where I am, but managed to find myself fast near another hill and get to control.
Another big leg was 17, but could have done this a bit better with going left near number 22, instead losing time in rocky ground on my route.
One more mistake on 18th, and after that ok finish of the race.
In second part (after 15th) i felt a bit tired and lost some time compared to others. First part of the race was good I definitely should pick good things from that and apply to upcoming races and trainings.
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Kvarner Bay Challenge - Stage 2 (2014-02-23) Kvarner Bay Challenge - Stage 2 (2014-02-23)