Rånässtafetten (2016-04-11)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Skepptuna
Arrangör: Rånäs OK
Land: Sverige
Not my finest work, too long since I pushed hard like that! Having some big problems processing the map well enough in the short time, right out the start and all over the shop at 2, found it hard to match anything up apart from the powerlines. 4 was aiming off on purpose but 6,7 were needless bananas and lost faith in the green at 11 (actually not much on that leg made sense to me...) and 13... really need to get a grip!

Watch strap is taped together atm so didnt risk taking it in the forest, but i think this is an honest route.
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Rånässtafetten (2016-04-11)