Onsdagsnatt Vårdsätra (2012-01-25)
Kategori: 2012
Karta/område: Vårdsätra
Arrangör: OK Linné
Land: Sweden
Distans: Night
Sträcka: 7.49 km
Tid: 44:47
Nice head-to-head racing. The lack of trails on the map made for an interesting strategy: see a trail going in your direction, run on it, then guess how far it can take you before jumping off. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. (Leg 8-9 is a good example.)
Good race except for 19 and the route to 11.
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Onsdagsnatt Vårdsätra (2012-01-25) Onsdagsnatt Vårdsätra (2012-01-25)