Blodslitet - part 4/4 (2011-10-15)
Kategori: 2011
Karta/område: Sprinkelet
Arrangör: Fredrikstads Ski Klubb
Land: Norway
Distans: Ultralong
Blodslitet loop 4 - the long loop. Mentally, it was really important to hit the first two controls without big mistakes, otherwise the long day could turn even longer. I managed that, and then felt pretty good for the next few before getting very tired after the climb up to 8. Screwed up 9 and got demoralized and very low on energy. After refueling at 11, managed to get through the rest of the course and even sped up a bit after 13. A tough race, glad I did it! Not losing the pack at #1 would have been nice...
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Blodslitet - part 4/4 (2011-10-15)