SEEOC Relay (2018-08-26)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Lome - Podjesen
Arrangör: OK Azimut
Land: Slovenia
Distans: Relay
Sträcka: 1/3
Sträcka: 5.15 km
Tid: 41:22
Understandable decision to put me on 1st leg, even tho I really don't like it. My goal was to exchange as leader, but silly route-choice and mistake to #5 cost me probably 5min. Not sure how I didn't see road route-choice on edge of the map... Other than that, lead whole group to mistake towards #1 and did bad decision when to enter to #6. Rest of the race was good, but wet with rain shower.
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SEEOC Relay (2018-08-26) SEEOC Relay (2018-08-26)