WOC 2018 Latvia - Middle (2018-08-07)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Sigulda
Arrangör: LOF
Land: Latvia
Distans: Middle
Sträcka: 6.81 km
Tid: 47:58
Wanted to do safe start and attack from above, but stayed too high and realised what I'm doing when I saw open field with house in front of me. Heard Timmy (JAR) in bush, so that was about 2' misstake. Good until #5 and then just didn't trust myself and terrain towards 6th control. Deep water trails confused me and made me think I'm too high. Also Timmy went too low, but enough to convince me to go down. Saw trail under me and realised it was a mistake. Then lost some seconds near control in green, before finaly finding control and got caught by Nitsan (Israel). Later had few small hesitations, but nothing too serious. Felt a bit slow on climb before arena passage, but caught a breath back on downhill, so it was good in the end. I was told it's my best result on WOC middle looking at percentage behind winner, but I'm definitely not satisfied with this race.
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WOC 2018 Latvia - Middle  (2018-08-07) WOC 2018 Latvia - Middle  (2018-08-07)