Zimska liga - 8th round (2017-02-05)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Lesnjaki 1
Arrangör: Stambuk brothers
Land: Croatia
Distans: Relay
Sträcka: 6.12 km
Tid: 37:22
Relay with mass start for all runners, so quite strong field for croatian competition/training. I started fast to get advantage and didn't really look at the map until electricity line. Good race until 8th control where I was 2min in front of Dominik and 4:30 in front of Johannes. Then big 4min mistake on 9th and 2min on 10th control, so both of them passed me and I had 3rd time at the end.
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Zimska liga - 8th round (2017-02-05) Zimska liga - 8th round (2017-02-05)