Master the karst T2 (2015-12-19)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Vilenica
Land: Slovenia
Sträcka: 6.54 km
Tid: 54:54
This training was simulation of WOC race for me (JWOC for guys). I read on TG's attackpoint that he does trainings where he simulates WOC race starting from preparation, wamr up and everything, so I thought it's good idea and gave it a try here.
*Note that for this trainings there were no flags in the forest.

This terrain is one of the hardest you can find in Slovenia. You need physical, technical and mental strength to do well here as everything is on the slope, visibility is not so good, aswell as runnability. Problem with runnability is that terrain is covered with stones that are hidden in high grass, so you can't see where are you staying and have to be careful, but at the same time read the map and focus on orienteering.

I started with 2 small mistakes on #1 and #3, but after that I was able to focus and do well all the way until #16. It was funny moment going on #12 when I finally found faster part for running and thought that it will be like that all the way until the end. I was never so wrong!! Just after leaving control it was again same thing as before.
Approaching #16 I saw group of wild boars on the other side of depression. They were already running away from me, but I stopped for a minute anyway, to get sure they are gone. That event was quite disturbing and after that I missed a bit 17 and 18, but after that big mistakes on 19 (wrong direction leaving 18) and 21.

I would be happy with time around 50min on this course, but it was good training anyway and I'm happy with first part of the course (until meeting "wild boys"). Also it was good that we tried this "WOC simulation". Will definitely do it more often.
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Master the karst T2 (2015-12-19)