Croatian championship Long 2015 (2015-04-26)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Dubravica/Pluska
Arrangör: OK Vihor
Land: Croatia
Distans: Long
Sträcka: 13.69 km
Tid: 88:34
Decent race today, without pressure for something amazing, because it was expected for Matjaž to win and me to be 2nd, so just needed standard race to confirm it.
Started with 10'' mistake on 1st and going a bit too much north towards 3rd, as hill was pushing me down. Mistake that I really hate was #7. Decided to go around on track and attack control from same spot where I was going to #3 (saw #7 on my way there), but during run on track, I noticed big open area on my left and started to go down. Unfortunately, that open area was not mapped and I did mistake (same as few more runners at the same time). After that only one more mistake till the end, on #18, where I was going a bit too high and passed control.
In middle part of the race I had problem with my foot (same as on Stigtomta last week). I don't know, if I tied my shoelaces too much or something else is not good, but I started to feel compression in my left foot around 9th control and had to stop towards 11th to take shoe off for 20'' and put it back on. From there to #12 I was running with untied shoe, but once I twisted my ankle, decided to tie it again and it worked well until the end.
Anyway, decent race, confirmed 2nd spot as expected. Big difference to Matjaž who is in great shape, but also big difference to other guys.
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Croatian championship Long 2015 (2015-04-26)