Stigtomtakavlen (2015-04-19)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Bjorkviks-Djupvik
Arrangör: OK Hallen
Land: Sweden
Distans: Relay
Sträcka: 5
Sträcka: 9.3 km
Tid: 59:49
Really tired from trainings in Uppsala last 2,5 weeks, legs were like stones, so focused on technique as it was hard to push, even on road.
Started well with only 15'' mistake on #3, because first I saw control on 2 boulders which "I had to check".
First big mistake was on #12, which I didn't think was that big until I saw quick-route that says about 2'45''. For some reason I didn't really read the map on that one, because there were few runners in front of me, so I thought they are going on same control and I was planing ahead instead of focusing on that one. OFC, when we came on their control, I thought we already passed mine, so lost too much on easy control (straight between hunting point and boulder).
Second big mistake was #16, 1'30''. Before control I knew where I'm going but then I saw big cliff and moved my finger on one with 3 lines, what was wrong.

Could have saved some more seconds in some parts (more straight on #7 and #14), but also lost time, so it was maybe ok to go safe there. Overall, not satisfied because of 2 big mistakes and also, if I wasn't tired I could run at least 5min faster, so under 55' on good day would be just fine in my opinion.

Going home tomorrow after another good 2,5 weeks here. A bit of rest next few days, with national champs on long next weekend and then focusing on speed training.
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Stigtomtakavlen (2015-04-19)