Croatian cup 2015 #2 (2015-03-22)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Nasicka planina 2
Arrangör: OK Sova
Land: Croatia
Distans: Long
Sträcka: 12.97 km
Tid: 83:26
Technically ok race again today. Missed #5, but everyone I asked had mistake there, coz control was placed too high (GPS show that I was in green on lower part of slope, but I was never there, always running on higher part of the slope).
Another mistake coming downhill on #14. Saw small re-entrants coming closer to control and started running left from them, but never saw the control on small hill. Happened that I was too much to the south, what was again a bit strange, but nvm.
Lost some time to #16, running through gully (didn't correct GPS there), near would be faster as control was on top. And again mistake on #17, even though I'm quite sure I came on the road near forking of small re-entrants. Did good job on long legs in last part and then again mistake on #27, but 4/5 people I was talking with agreed that it was again placed too high, coz from forking of re-entrants with knoll, it was quite far to the control and it was not really straight gully.
I was feeling tired running uphill towards finish, but have 2 best splits so seems like others were struggling more :D

Next week I'll slowly start doing intervals, so pace should be better in few weeks, but I don't want to reach peak too soon (what seems like a good plan for me).
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Croatian cup 2015 #2 (2015-03-22) Croatian cup 2015 #2 (2015-03-22)