Croatian cup 2015 #1 (2015-03-21)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Nasicka planina 2
Arrangör: OK Sova
Land: Croatia
Distans: Middle
Sträcka: 6.77 km
Tid: 43:04
This is nice terrain, but I'm always surprised with distances and angles on parts of the map (e.g. 12-15) that are not really good, especially when doing quickroute later.

Good start on first 2 controls, but wrong direction to 3rd (20''). Another mistake on #10, when I was 20m in front of control, but couldn't see it, so stopped and started looking around. Found it after 20'' when I moved a bit on side and saw it behind tree.
Lost some time towards 16th and came too high on 19th, otherwise pretty stable race.
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Croatian cup 2015 #1 (2015-03-21) Croatian cup 2015 #1 (2015-03-21)