Linné Utlandsläger - Night score (2015-03-02)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Cres maslinici
Arrangör: DROT
Land: Croatia
Distans: Score middle
Sträcka: 6.05 km
Tid: 43:40
We had 3 maps from this terrain as we didn't plan that training for us, but when we saw the map, some of us wanted to do training there. Albin, Johannes and me went for night-o after sprint training in Cres, but only Albin had map with course, while other 2 maps were master-maps from organizer. We set the time of 45min to get back, so I didn't want to spend time to copy course, but did score training instead.
Felt pretty good, found almost all controls easy and enjoyed nice map and warm weather. Hit my knee going back from last control, so it hurts in some positions while driving/sitting, but it's fine while running or walking.
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Linné Utlandsläger - Night score (2015-03-02) Linné Utlandsläger - Night score (2015-03-02)