Slo/Cro youth camp Kras - Training 3 (2015-02-22)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Krajna Vas
Land: Slovenia
Distans: O-intervals
Sträcka: 0.44 km
Tid: 2:28
Would be fun training if it wasn't raining, cause we were starting in groups every interval, so it made waiting between each too long. I was running 27:00 in total and had 41min of waiting for others, so it was really cold towards the end.

G1 - started with this interval, missed route to 2nd control (other side of depression was shorter)
H4 - good one
Chlap2 - lost 5 seconds standing few meters next to control, not seeing it behind cliff
A1 - losing 5-10sec not going earlier in depression, so ended up fighting with branches
B2 - good one, losing max. 3sec not seeing control behind stone coming towards it
C3 - good one
D4 - lost about 10sec because moving finger to another interval coming close to control
E3 - slow on this one
F2 - easy one, running around on track

I think that in total I had best time (27:00), but there was still a lot of space for improvement.
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Slo/Cro youth camp Kras - Training 3 (2015-02-22)