Croatian championship Long (2014-09-07)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Rovtarica
Arrangör: ŠOK
Land: Slovenia
Distans: Long
Sträcka: 11.93 km
Tid: 94:08
Croatian champion on long distance! :)

GPS didn't load all satellites on start, so a bit bad route on first 2 controls.

On warm up already felt hard breathing, because race was in the mountains and my training volume is no great because of exams period. Pretty much slow during whole race, but tried to avoid mistakes. First mistake on 7, moved finger on map from one group of stones to another one (before yellow part) and did parallel mistake with hills. OK to 14, where I saw my teammate who told me that Edi (another teammate, only one that could beat me today) is 2min in front (started 8), so next few controls I was less focused. Missed there 15, slightly 16 and 18.

My first title on long distance :) Middle and relay in 2 weeks. Sweden in 3 :) Feeling pretty confident now.
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Croatian championship Long (2014-09-07) Croatian championship Long (2014-09-07)