Course test (2014-05-21)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Osovlje
Land: Croatia
Distans: Middle
Sträcka: 4.52 km
Tid: 40:54
It's now 5th year in a row that I'm course setter for my club's competition. This is route from testing 10 days before.
During run I made 2 stops (around 2,5' each) at controls 5 and 10 to analyze previous routes so it was more like interval training.

I'm pretty satisfied with course as I managed to trick runners during race, but it was also the map that did the same. As I know the terrain well I run it in 35:30 with one extra control (would be under 35 without). Unfortunately, Matjaž was in Italy during that weekend (pre-WOC) so there was not real test for my course as other runners did a lot of mistakes. (winner 50')
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Course test (2014-05-21) Course test (2014-05-21)