10Mila (2014-05-04)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Eksjo
Land: Sweden
Distans: Relay
Sträcka: 10th
Sträcka: 9.87 km
Tid: 60:08
First 10Mila in my life. UK's put me to run last leg of OK Linne 3rd team and I was quite satisfied with that, because of day leg (didn't get so used on night during this 3 weeks) and running last leg by itself is nice thing.

Started in mass-start and after 30sec found myself in the lead, that was a bit strange to me as didn't push really hard. Came in forest too early and made 3,5min mistake (that's all what you want from your race). Hard to relocate and bit confused with other runners as didn't know if they are leaving control or going to it.
Small mistakes on 4th (relocated fast) and 5th, where I saw the control, but it just came too fast that I thought it's not mine.
Last mistake was on no.8, took wrong direction when leaving 7 and come out on wrong path. Another 90sec lost.
To the end quite good race, passing a lot of runners (maybe 50 or even more?!?) what was good feeling.
At the end under 60min, but just 157th place in last leg, bringing our team to overall 177 (24 places up). Last year 3rd team was 211, so it's kind of improvement, but still our (and mine) result could have been better.
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10Mila (2014-05-04) 10Mila (2014-05-04)