Teknik-träning (2014-04-16)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Södra Nåsten
Arrangör: OK Linne
Land: Sweden
Sträcka: 5.35 km
Tid: 41:21
First orienteering ever in Sweden. Plan was to go slower to get some feeling about terrain and map. At the beginning I was a bit confused with some things, but by collecting controls, everything went better. Missed no.9 (twice), I knew that I'm close to the control, but wasn't sure about seeing flag so continued after some lost time. With than in mind, missed direction to 11, but realized on big hill. OK to the end, was nice for first training I think. Very excited about next 3 weeks.
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Teknik-träning (2014-04-16)