Croatian sprint cup #1 (2014-04-06)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Novi dvori
Arrangör: OK Kapela
Land: Croatia
Distans: Forest sprint
Sträcka: 2.86 km
Tid: 16:50
1st round of sprint cup. Yesterday was raining so big part of course was under water. Hard to run on open fields, but also hard to recognize difference between vegetation there.
I had good start on first 3 controls, missed 4th as I've seen another control before private ground, that I recognized when I came there, so lost about 15''. Biggest mistake on #7, couldn't find path south of building as it's really green there, so went north. When I was close to control, I couldn't see it and actually climbed on rock face and after some time realized it's down. Lost some time also on passing fallen trees, so seems that those who find path south were a lot faster. 55'' mistake for me there compared to Edi.
Until the end of race ok run, with loosing some seconds on 11 and 12, because I couldn't understand green parts.
Even with total of 85'' mistakes, managed to grab 2nd place, 45'' behind Matjaž.
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Croatian sprint cup #1 (2014-04-06)