Cres sprint intervals (2014-02-22)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Grad Cres
Arrangör: Slovenian Youth Team
Land: Croatia
Distans: Sprint
During the weekend Slovenian team had training camp on Cres, so I took opportunity to join them on afternoon sprint intervals training.
Awesome map and city, but unfortunately, really small for some future competition.

Training was without flags, instead every runner was standing on 1 control in 1 interval (my was no.3 in 4th run). As I didn't expect training will be held at night I had only bad backup headlamp in my bag. It was dark sometimes so I had to be really careful near some streets to not miss and sometimes I was taking safer routes, because of that. It was pretty good training and except of missing 4th in 1st run and going to 3rd instead of 2nd in 5th run, everything else went pretty well.
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Cres sprint intervals (2014-02-22)