Can you score (2014-02-09)
Kategori: Training
Karta/område: Manja Vas
Land: Croatia
Sträcka: 3.6 km
Tid: 32:37
Genomsnittlig puls: 143
Maxpuls: 165
Really liked KOM idea, so prepared some trainings in same way for myself. Today morning couldn't decide between two, but picked good I think, because snow is still melting and it's slippery and wet in forest, so it's hard to run uphill.

Nice mistake going in 3rd box, near sign "you'll miss!" :) Seems like I'm sometimes without focus on the map, as I know it very well and then doing mistakes. Didn't went for one control across the "river" (was deep because of melting snow) in last "box" 'cause I was already wet enough and didn't have any other clothes in car.
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Can you score (2014-02-09)